Michelle Buabin in the city

"OMG it went through- I got the contract!!!!" I said as I got off the phone to my partner!

He's normally the first person I call when receiving any exciting news. If its not him then its my sister or my cousin who I try next.

Regardless, this has been one of my biggest achievements to date and I'm absolutely loving it.

So whats this contract about?!

In June, my team and I supplied over 80 plants consisting of ferns, yucca, succulents plus more across 2 floors of a real estate company in London.

Their office is absolutely stunning and is kitted out with a games room known as the "break out area" consisting of beer tap, arcade machine, disco ball plus a pool table.

It took weeks of planning and creating exciting designs that were modern and sophisticated to suit the brand and style of the company.

After the big installation was completed, maintaining the plants and refreshing the flowers with new designs on a weekly basis is done to keep everything looking as beautiful as possible.

Heres some the the designs we installed:

These hanging succulents are one of my favourite features in the office, they add contrast and character to the overall appearance. We designed them throughout the back wall of the office which balances the room well against the other plants.

The ferns not only look pretty but also have great benefits to the office environment as they improve the air quality.


I decided that the flowers should consist of pops of colour to stand out against their navy / mustard and grey colour palette. I love messing with rich bold colours that contrast with neutral simple colours.

Overall, this was an amazing experience, and I cannot thank my team enough as well as the lovely Nicole for recommending my company to this fantastic company.

If you're in need of anything like this, I'd love to hear from you, just click here to get in touch x

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