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Michelle Buabin - The Launch!

It’s a rainy summer Tuesday evening, but that doesn't stop some of our old friends and prospective new ones joining us at the Marriott in Maidstone to celebrate the launch of Michelle Buabin and her new brand of luxury designer floristry. It has to be said, there’s something inherently peaceful about turning off from the busy stop-start of the M20, stepping out of the car and entering a candlelit room adorned with flowers.

Our guests arrive to a glass of sweet sparkling wine and wait with anticipation for the green room curtains to part, revealing a showcase of arrangements coordinated by Michelle and Beverley. The carpet below us is scattered with rose and orchid petals and the draped room complements the style of the evening, with a river running by the blossoming gardens just outside the conservatory doors.

The evening’s hues are whites and blues, and stands of avalanche roses form a walkway into the centre of the room where on either side of us Cymbidium Orchids tower on tall tables. We’re handed canapés as we chat in front of an explosion of Delphiniums and Freesias that sit at the head of a long table alongside simplistic vases of blue hydrangeas.

The focal point of the room is a wall of fresh flowers, constructed out of the evening’s selection: Hydrangeas, Faith Roses (so delicately beautiful! A team favourite), Freesias and Cymbidium orchids, a real ode to the event’s summery personality. The real magic happens when the sun starts to set and the lighting in the room comes into full effect - the blue vibrancy of the flower wall is hard to take your eyes off.

We've had a fantastic evening – thank you to all of our guests for your enthusiasm and interest. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the event. What was your favourite arrangement?

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