Personal home florist

"Home is a story of who we are and a collection of all we love"

 This is one of the most exciting services we offer. As the head designer, it's my pleasure to ensure our intimate team provide you with beautiful weekly flowers for your home. As each home is different, this is a bespoke service. Furthermore, I oversea that time, attention and detail is given to each floral arrangement before delivery.

Working with a mixture of high profile clients, we can assure you that every home we work in will always be treated with the most respect and keeping your confidentiality is our top priority. This service we provide is extremely discreet, and we adhere to all your security needs.


How this service works is Michelle Buabin, the founder and head designer will organise a consultation over the phone or face to face via zoom which ever you prefer to hear your requests. She would request to view the property or request images so we know what colours and designs we can suggest so it complements your home. You have the option to hire vases from us so you have a completely new floral design each week or we can use the same vases if you prefer.  Within the call we will discuss areas of your home in which the floral arrangements will be placed.


Once booked, a contract will be set in place and we will come into the home to change and deliver fresh flowers in the designated spaces, so you wont need to worry about maintenance as we will have this covered.

In case you may want to host any events within your home at short notice, and would like to feature flowers, you needn't worry as we will also try to be flexible and meet your requirements, (we secretly love the thrill of it!)